The joy of celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the profession is to live the joy of a renewed encounter with the One who was and still is my everything.
Everything comes to mind, everything kicks in the heart and  words are not enough to express the gratitude and amazement at being called to life, to the Christian life and to the religious life.
To bring back memories of God's mercy in my life and of all the times he has been my traveling companion, leads me to sing with my Mother Foundress: "Eternal ages are not enough to say thank you Lord." I ask the Divine Master to give many young people, the strength to answer his call,  in order to let the world know his love and his faithfulness.

Sr. M. Antonella


“My soul magnifies the Lord." Celebrating 25 years of religious life is to take more and more consciousness of God's love for me.  I received the greatest gift of life from Him; he made me grow up in a Christian family that has nurtured in me the love of Jesus, who then called me to be with him. Thanks to P. Gesualdo Cappuccino, I met the Sisters “Suore Minime” and the charisma of Mother Caiani. The Sacred Heart drew me to Himself, and I'm happy today thanks to His grace.  Thank you Lord, for your love and  faithfulness.

Sr. M. Concebida


God is love and only when I experienced the truth of these words in my life I found the courage to trust in God. His love, so patient and strong,; He knew how to wait and respect the time I needed, victorious over all my resistance and, in my saying “yes” to his project, I found that which my heart had always desired.  God doesn’t take anything away, on the contrary: He waits that we open up our hearts in order to understand our deepest desires and he lets us live that true and profound happiness that only in Him can we find!

Sister Chiara


Immagine you have lived a dream and then you find out that this dream is called reality and that within this reality, made up of joys, expectations, hopes, uncertainties, limitations, seduction, sharing and freedom, You are my truth. You are the Truth, You are God.



Love: such a small word, but that encompasses our entire life. To let oneself be loved by God changes you. To know that you're not alone, but that he is always besides you: in sufferring he suffers with me and comforts me, he gives me the strength that sustains me. What endless joy to feel loved by Him who gave his life to save us and who continues to make us feel his love forever.



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