visiting the poor….

poor"It's as  same  as sun set,

  the evening time of a person  ,

  Those who has hope in God  ,

 Who asks forgiveness  and serenity  all the day long ,

 Let us  praying  with hope  to ask GOD'S  MERCIFUL LOVE TO ALL."

By the dawn I seek You

youthOn March 4, with the youth of Jesus Youth attended a prayer vigil for 12 hours. It was a new experience for all people.

We have started with a brief introduction by the Father, then the Eucharistic adoration during which alternated songs, choral and personal prayers, spontaneous and special intentions, requests for forgiveness and intercessions for the needs of the world.


We were to Madhu

These days every people are speaking about our Pope because he touched every heart of people in this small islandPF1

It 's a time of unforgetable and also a graceful.



Feast for Sister Teresa

20th  year celebrating of Sr.Teresa in Sri Lanka as a Missionary.

All the three communities gathered in Rambewa to surprise her on 2nd Jan. 2015. 





Annual Christmas concert

Last december all the Catchechism students partecipated to the annual concert in the parish of Medawachchiya. Then distributed  gifts for them.

Rambewa: nursery concert

Annual concert programme was done by all the kids of St. Anthony's pre school - Rambewa.
There were severel items. All the well wishes are welcome by the children of our Nursery. 
Hoisting the National flag, lighting the oil lamp, welcome speeches, Christmas drama, giving certificates and prizes and also  many other various dancing were shown by pre school children. 
The chief guest, parents and all who are participated to the concert were admired  by seeing the talents of the kids. 
We can see the helping hand of Almighty God through the persons who are  close to us to success this work very well.  

We were together

prayer3rd of November morning the children of BL Maria Margherita pre – school, Ja-Ela , arrived at the nursery, including their little hands were so many flowers, all for the Mother Caiani. Using that flowers we decorated the second floor like a beautiful place to praise the Lord.

All together as a family. In the evening at 16.30 we started praying the Rosary and Holy Mass began at 17.00. The celebrant Father Suranga, during the homily explained the life of Margherita Caiani and today Minims mean her daughters as they bring forward her charisma

At the end of the Mass, all families received the blessing. And also a beautiful thing, almost 4 days 15 parents came to try out new songs, someone for play instruments , and some to sing, was a beautiful experience had a great enthusiasm to donate their talents to the Lord, so that chorus Praise the Lord during the Mass.

Even after Mass the celebrant unveiled a statue of the Madonna in the ground floor.

To all the children received a holy card of Our Lady, as a gift from the celebrant.

It was not finish here, the most beautiful thing is fraternal love. For the offertory. The children brought many things, taking everything we did two parcels and this present for two poor families. Their smile for us was a touch of the Lord.

Feast of Blessed Margherita Caiani in Thottaveli

MCOn 3rd november, together with the parishioners of Thottaveli-Mannar we praise and thank the Lord for the gift of Blessed M. Margherita Caiani. It has been a Eucharistic Celebration presided by the Parish Priest Mariathas Croos with reflection held by the Director of the center for spirituality Father Jude Croos.

Speaking about the two figures of Mary and Martha did the comparison with the life of Mother Caiani knew how to live as the action in contemplation.

The small choir of girls cheered the atmosphere of Celebration.


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