Starting the new community in Thottaweli

Rev. Sr. Clare & Rev. Sr.Ruwini were accompanied by Rev. Sr. Jacintha to Thottaweli in Mannar to start our new community in Sri Lanka. They have received a great and  warm welcome  by a youth group in the village and also a marvelous traditional welcome dance. It is giving a new hope and meaning to live each one together  and also to enrich mutually.

Rambewa and Medawachchiya gathered together

Last day all the students who are in both parishes to Rambewa and Medawachchiya gathered together and went a picnic to Padaviya and Kokilai. It was a good opportunity to know each other. They enjoyed much by visiting a small island and shared their lunch with the fishermen. In the evening they played well and returned back.'

Children's day

On the 1st of October in Colombo has been organized a day for all children in the world. There were more than 5000 participations  of 120 children  homes in western province in Sri Lanka. Our children also were with them. A day organized by department of probation and child care service, their target was to unite all these children without any difference encouraging them to acknowledge to be the future of the society. 

St. Anthony's Pre-school

St. Anthony's Pre-school in Rambewa celebrated their sighithi New year Festival on 23rd March. The  pre –school children's parents were collaborated to make their houses and stayed with happy day for their pre school time.Their out door games helped to developed their future surely.   

10 Anniversary celebration of Bl. M. Margherita pre-school 2002-2012

The nuns, staff, with the little ones, past pupils and parents all together celebrated this event on the 9th of December.

The chef guest was Fr. Ivan Perera who inaugurated our pre-school 10 years ago and other lay people who help us in every occasions and also the presence of a Buddhist monk. 


We were organized to open the jubilee year on (3rd of November 2012 to 2nd of Nov. 2013) for celebrate the 150th BIRTH ANNIVERSARY OF OUR Bl. Margherita Caiani. There was a Eucharistic celebration on 3rd of Nov. at 5.30 pm in Kanuwana parish. The Parish priest Rev. Fr.Lester Nonis and assistant Rev. Fr. Priyanal Fernando were the celebrants of Eucharistic service. The homily basically explained that Sunday Gospel and also to respond God's call as faithful Christians.


Meanwhile he highlighted that we must love God with our whole been and similarly to all human beings as our Mother Foundress  did in her life story. The holy well organized very simply and there was a small exhibition of minim sisters apostolate after the Eucharistic celebration. It is glad to say all the Minim sisters who are in Sri Lanka, the children who are living in the Bl. Maria Margherita's child developing centre and also together with Kanuwana parishioners were participants for this greatly occasion.

Vocation exhibition

The Ave Maria private school conducted by Dominican sisters in Negombo was held their Religious day on the 18th October 2012. In that occasion some other congregation were invited to open a vocation camp. It gave us a very good opportunity to introduce our Mother Foundresses life story, our charism, prayer life, apostolic life, Spirituality of Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Francis. The presentation got very short and sweet way to understand to all.

The students  who were in senior classes came to visit our exhibition and all of them were happily and enthusiastically wanted to get know more details.

Anniversary for the Diocese of Mannar

On January 28, 2012 was celebrated the thirty-first anniversary for the Diocese of Mannar, the mother church of the city. Greater participation of the faithful and catechists in particular because this year will be dedicated to their training as well as the selection of new candidates for the pastoral service. Many other priests concelebrated with the Bishop making the celebration really solemn. Nourished by the presence of the parish of Thoddaveli in which we reside and lend service.


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