JesusLast 11th and 12th October there was an annual retreat of Jesus' Youth in Kurunegala, Sri-Lanka.

There were 45 youth members came from many other places. We had the opportunity to being with them and also to participate the movements they had done. 

Balancing life practically, Achieving maturity and vision for life are the topics to talk about on the retreat.

It was guided by Rev.Fr. Claude Nonis who is the director of the Family Apostalate Centre.

Official logo for the Papal Visit 2015


CROSS:-The cross shown here is the ‘Sri Lankan Cross’ inspired by ‘The St. Thomas Cross’ discovered in archeological excavations carried out in historic Anuradhapura. It is also the Glorious Cross or the Cross of the Resurrection – which shows the dead wood of the cross coming into life, germinating and sprouting forth new life, a pre-figuration of the resurrection.

The Cross is coloured in blue to remind us of the consecration of our Country to Our Lady of Lanka after World War II. It also speaks of our love and devotion to Mother Mary – Our Lady of Lanka.

Pope Francis meets President of Sri Lanka

PresidentePope Francis met on Friday with the president of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa, who also held talks with the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin. During their meeting the Pope and the President discussed the situation in Sri Lanka, with particular reference to recent social and economic progress.

Their discussion also focused on the forthcoming visit that Pope Francis will make to the island nation next January, in the hope that his journey will welcomed as a sign of solidarity with all the people of Sri Lanka and a moment of encouragement for all those working for justice, peace, reconciliation and the common good of the country.

(from Vatican Radio)

The visit of two Franciscan fathers in Sri Lanka

generatoreIs was a grace and a opportunities granted to us by the Lord, Minim sisters in Sri - Lanka, from July 22 to 31 have had for the first time visited by two Franciscan fathers P. Sandro Celli and P. Valentino Ghiglia.

In addition to the charitable gesture the "gift" of a generator of electric current to the house in St. Francis of Assisi Thottaveli have given us so much that true Franciscan brotherhood, prayers and homilies of Father Sandro enriched by esperiense of religious life during the Eucharistic celebrations. Fr. Valentino, as true Franciscan lover of nature has taught us to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of nature and the art of traditions that exists in our country. We are truly grateful to them and to all who have helped to make a gesture so valid and necessary.

Feast of St. Joseph

The hoisting of the flag tree was held to begin the feast of St. Joseph the Petron  Saint of the parish. 

The significance of this tradition:

In thy olden days, there were not enough Priests in Sri-Lanka. A Flag Staff was raised, for the Christians to know that the Priest was available there to administer the Sacraments.

The Flag tree was a mode of non- verbal communication.

Up to now this tradition continues but today it is done with another meaning .

Today the Catholic raise the Flag Staff high in the air, as to show their hearts raised up to heaven during the time of the church – feast.

The mission in the parish of Medawachchiya

The mission in the parish of Medawachchiya  on 23rd Jan.  -  02nd  Feb. 2014

Three Oblate priests conducted a mission in the parish of Medawachchiya.

They started the mission by visiting the Catholic families inviting them personally to participate in the mission.

They conducted the programmers for the Catholics of different age groups – Children, youth and the married couples.

During the mission a special mass was celebrated in the cemetery to remember the dear departed.

The climax of the mission was the family day, which was held on a Saturday night.

We are the champion!

The sun was shining. We had a great enthusiasm, almost 18 orphaneges, many children like us. We were ready to play, not only in win, but to enjoy life, enjoy our talents. There were sisters around us, were encouraging.

The time came to us, while we were playing we felt the Lord was with us a strong emotion, and really 'nice even when we think. Between the fourth group we were the first from "cricket".
The moment when they called to us as a champion to give our Cup Our little hearts have sung the love of God.

National religious day

In 14 th  February at the first time in Sri Lanka, we celebrated national religious day at Tewattha.

It was organized by CMRS. We were seven hundred fifteen religious.

At the beginning saying the Rosary from all three languages ​​ we walked to the shrine of Our Lady. After we listened   a sermon on the prophetic life.

Also, we celebrated the Holy Mass in all three languages. It was a beautiful experience .

As religious we praised the Lord with Our Lady, Mother of the Church.


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