A moment with Mother Caiani

3rd of November at 17.00 with a great gratitude we gathered in the pre-school at Ja-Ela .                                                               Children and Their parents are arrived with such enthusiasm. .

Girls of the house of Ja- Ela gave their lives for the choir . The celebrant Father Patric in his homily told the story of Mother Caiani and explained his daughters now carry on that story to God .    

The gifts that led to offetry was planned to donate to the prisoners, and also for the poor .

It ' was a moment of grace for all of us .

Negombo 5-6 september: Vocational exhibition

mostra vocazionale 8The exhibition was opened by His Emminensa Cardinal Malcolm Rangith, with a liturgical celebration, the theme was on consecrated life  “  our life Donated not to create difficulty setting between us but only a life of love ''

After the cardinal visited briefly huts of various institutions. After him personified many young girls and boys. Afternoon Excellency Mr. Emmanuel responsible religious with great cordiality and dwelt with us.

The weather favour us for the lack of rain, but the sun was very strong but we enjoyed the wonderful days and an inexplicable experience for us and for the young people and children with the hope that the Lord will touch the hearts of many young people to follow his path.

The love of Mother Mary like spring

processioneThe month of May always brings the spring, cause in this month we remember the Virgin Mary, Mother of all Christians. Mother Mary’s love like spring, blooming the hearts of all men.

To show gratitude for that love girls internal, Ja- Ela were around Madonna like petals of a flower.

They gathered each evening to pray the Rosary animated with chants, around the statue of the Madonna decorated with fresh flowers. The intentions were dedicated for the needy in particular for the upper and for the chapter.

Last day we really felt like a feast. After reciting the Rosary with the statue of the Madonna we went in procession in the garden around the house. The superior finally made a prayer dedicating all to the Madonna. All of us have felt the love of Her because it's been a time of grace.

The language of love

ElenaElena is a girl from Arezzo, one of our benefactor in Sri – Lanka. In fact she organized every three years to come to us and at least ten days to be with the children of our orphanage at Ja – Ela living and sharing with them every moments in particular recreational moments and the games.

This year she came to visit and to be few days also  in our new mission of Thottaveli and it was very glad and appreciate by her for the chance that she had  to meet the children and to offer them  moments of joy and serenity Elena is a  special person because without knowing the languages of the our country she is always able to communicates with the language of love.

Fraternal unity!!!!

togethar1In the 25th anniversary of religious profession of two sisters Sr. M. Jacinta and Sr. Mary Shanthi we met in Ja-Ela to celebrate the Eucharist in thanksgiving for the gifts they have received from the Lord and for the fidelity with which they paid.

For this occasion the girls of Tottaveli, accompanied by us, for the first time they have traveled to the south of Sri Lanka, where with joy and friendship, were welcomed by the girls of Ja -Ela.

For all people it was a moment of great fraternity!

Gospal days with Francis and Clare

gospaldayWe had a big opportunity to participate with Rev. Fr.Jerry Lobo ofm , from India, who is well rinowned for his experience in the field of franciscan spirituality in our part of the world.

These are the themes that he wanted to share with us during the sessions.

-         Fluid society of today: our religious and franciscan identity,

-         Desert virtues,

-         Fraternity,

-         Becoming the Christ - fulfilling the Gospel today

-         Contemplation and compassion: living the ecological Christ

-         Franciscan leadership: becoming the graced companion

-         Spirituality of mission

-         Clare of Assisi: Model of the Woman

Rev. Fr. Jerry Lobo reminded to us, as consecrated persons after the example of Francis: “This is what I wish, This is what I seek, This is what I long to do with all my heart ”(1Cel 22).

It is an evangelical sensitivity: a constant return to the Gospel by firmly remaining in the world. It was not an escape from the realities of everyday life but a remaining with the reality by penetrating things and finding God there.

Pope Francis by announcing the year of the Consecrated life is almost looking back at the fire that engulfed Francis and his companions in a society marked by radical changes. Today while our society is seeking frantically the “earthly absolutes” which alone would bring fulfillment to human existence. Humanity may have forgotten the need for the transcendent absolute, God. But consecrated life has not given up. It is not retired. It is not dead. Large numbers may not be there. Consecrated life does not need masses to show it is valid.

What he asks of us today is not so much success in our ministry but the commitment of fidelity maintained through every moment of our life. Our responsibility is to live in the present faithfully that the future may be exciting. For a more life and a more consecrated and Franciscan life, we need the witness, the wisdom and the experience of the elders, we need the responsibility and creativity of the middle-aged, the idealism and the enthusiasm of the young. Today we can take nothing for granted. Instead we need to continue to search for meaning in the best way possible.gospal

Like Francis, as consecrated persons, we are called to contemplate the incarnation of Christ. Therefore, our consecrated life is not a gated community but an open house where “life” may be found for those seeking for meaning. Concrete way to contemplate the incarnation is to develop a lifestyle that avoids the non-essentials, instead being content with the little.

Contemplation of the incarnation is not a luxury of a chosen few but the responsibility of all consecrated people which Francis came to realize in the encounter with the leper. It is not an abstract exercise but a definite commitment to some one: our brother, our sister, our world, our God.

It is not only praying but becoming prayer!

Family visiting in Rambewa parish

familyThose who are unable to come parish very often, we are trying to go and visit them with parish priest and celebrate the Holy mass in their houses. Encourage them and do Catholicism for their children who are not come to sunday school. It's look like to search the people  in peripherys  as pope saying.

Annual sports meet in Rambewa

busIt is a very joyful and enjoyable day for the kids . There were good competition in each houses to win the prizes.The parents of the pre school gave a big help to build these two buses named SIGHITHI and TIKIRI.


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