General information

  1. General Information

  2. By Long Distance Adoption, we mean a gesture of solidarity, made from a distance, through specific religious or non-religious organizations, periodically depositing a specific amount of money for global support or for the particular needs of the adopted child. The advantage is that this permits the child in need to receive concrete help while remaining with his own family and in his homeland, so that the family doesn’t have to be divided.

  3. Objectives

  4. Long distance adoption guarantees that some children and their families in Egypt, Brasil, Bethlehem and in Sri Lanka get financial help so that they can have primary goods, education, and medical aid that they need. This way we offer their original families the chance to take care of their own children and to be able to pay for the items necessary for their growth. When we are dealing with the orphans that live in our structures, we take direct responsibility in taking care of and accompanying the child’s integral growth.

  5. Receiver of the project

  6. The children that benefit from this project are those who cannot be helped by their own families; with this project these children can count on the help from an “adopted” family that contribute to help create conditions for proper growth, health care, education, and for the chance to fit in with their society. In regard to the orphans, besides what we have already mentioned, we propose specific projects that strengthen their growth, their level of instruction and help develop their manual capabilities.

  7. Duration of Project

  8. We ask for a minimum 3 year commitment in order to guarantee a continuality in the service offered.

  9. Cost of project and way to join

  10. The information in regards to the adoption will arrive at one’s mailing address along with information about the child. The monthly payment is 25 Euro and can be paid to the account c/c 51088995 by specifying the reason for the deposit, the name of the child and the country in which he lives.


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