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General Information

The diocese of Mannar (Sri Lanka)

The diocese of Mannar covers the district with the same name that has a majority of its population that is Catholic and that of Vavunya, that is found in the north of the island. About 5 kilometers from Mannar, in a place called Thottaveli, in the area in where one can find the church dedicated to Our Lady of Martyrs, our Institute has been called by the bishop of the zone to help out with these people who are in dire need of assistance, and who are trying to recover from a war that lasted 26 years and caused terrible destruction, poverty, and death, leaving many children as orphans.


The building of an orphanage, a dispensary and a house for the Nuns.

Those helped by the project

The local people who were hit by these events and that have the most need of medical aid and assistance, with particular attention for the children and the sick.


Support for the tution classes at Ja-Ela

Addressee: twenty children who come from the precarious and social – economical families are starting in our house. They live and study until they reach to advanced level exam or until they go back to their families.



Objective: the hospitality children who are in “Children’s home of Margherita Caiani”, Ja-Ela (Sri Lanka) has taken the responsibility to carry out the tution classes. The children who entrust in our structure, attend to different public school according their basic age and character of each other. According to development of activities daily, it is very essential to do evening classes and teachers support. In this case they follow all the difficulties which emerge in the various matters of scholastic.

In particularly forseen project is:

-      One primary teacher for junior children,

-      English, mathematics and science teacher for senior children.


Supporter of the project: Misericordia Poggio a Caiano (PO) - Italy


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