Here is the new council

ConsiglioToday, July 7, the Chapter finished the election with nomination of four councilors: Sister M. Annarosa Micheli and Sister M. Annalisa Colli from  Italy, Sister M. Clare Lokukotagamage from Sri Lanka and Sister Mariam Meggallea from Egypt.

To  new Government of Institute wishing evangelical service that in this morning the Word of God recalled in the Gospel of Matthew: to have compassion of man, of every man of our time,  and walk close to hand him a  love of the Heart of Jesus.

Elect the Vicar general

Sr IvanaToday 6 of july in the evening has elect the vicar general Sr. Ivana Martini. We wish for her a good collaboration with the Mother General Sr. Salvatorica for success of the congregation, church and the world.

The new Mother General

MadresalvatoricaToday 6 of july members of the chapter has elect the new Mother General Rev. Sr. M. Salvatorica Serra his eccellence Mons Fausto Tardelli during the Eucharistic celebration said for her the blessing of the Lord and boldness of the mission.

The Holy Spirit: the Interior Master

The Holy Spirit teaches us: he is the Interior Master. He guides us along the right path, through life’s challenges. He teaches us the path, the way. In the early times of the Church, Christianity was called “the way” (cf. Acts 9:2), and Jesus himself is the Way. The Holy Spirit teaches us to follow him, to walk in his footprints. More than a master of doctrine, the Holy Spirit is a master of life. And he surely takes part in life as well as in knowledge, but within the

Mary and the Generous Courage of Faith

The Virgin Mary, model of every vocation, did not fear to utter her “fiat” in response to the Lord’s call. She is at our side and she guides us. With the generous courage born of faith, Mary sang the joy of leaving herself behind entrusting to God the plans she had for her life. Let us turn to her, so that we may be completely open to what God has planned for each one of us, and so that we can grow in the desire to go out with tender concern towards others. (HOLY FATHER’S MESSAGE ON 52ND WORLD DAY OF PRAYERS FOR VOCATIONS)

Let’s let the Virgin Mary and the words the Holy Father Francis gave us in his message on the Day of Prayers for Vocation lead us now that


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