The charity isn’t done with the mind, but not with the heart, the love you with my hands, the love is real, it is done with the body: this is the central message of the homily of Father Villa during the Mass the feast of the Blessed Caiani.

A sermon full of quotations from the writings of Margherita Caiani and that gives us the image of a woman, a model of holiness for all of us every day.

Mother Margherita urged the sisters to be similar to the divine heart "love", urging


From 4 to 7 July, we had the joy and grace to participate in the pilgrimage to the tomb of Peter, which  in the year of faith, was organized for seminarians novices / and of those who are seeking vocations.
A pilgrimage which brought together about six thousand young people who are betting their entire life with Jesus, the Risen One who has had  the courage to call us, trusting us, as we were reminded Pope Francis.
A pilgrimage that brought us together in prayer, in reflection, in catechesis, in times of parties and witnesses, on the way to the churches of the city, in a live meeting with Pope Francis, which has seen its climax in the celebration of the Eucharist, which he same presided in the Basilica of St. Peter.
A pilgrimage to the heart and eyes made ​​it clear the communion of God's people, in their specific identity, but in the one belonging to the Church.
A missionary Church, Pope Francis said, it is my desire, because its individual members able to emerge from themselves to meet Jesus Christ, out of himself in order to bring the love and mercy of God to all men, but in especially the poor and marginalized.
May the Lord grant us light and strength so that we too can contribute to the building of the Kingdom in the beauty of the Church, his bride!

Snow in 2012

Have you joy in fraternity until? To see our photos properly, O.K.

We had an event in Itarly and also in Chiusi della Verna ,actually whole Itarly had to face unnatural thing. Here first days in February the snow rained very well 60-70 cm. The beautifulness of the villagers are great and can’t explain in words.We could enjoyed well & continualy do it. Some villagers had to face little bit problems,but we could come across over it.We had to throw out snow and cleared our road little bit to go out from our house. Other wise we had to sunk in snow.Actually we had the opportunity to play,to sink inside the snow,and also to rolled over it.The temperature became -9 to -13 c°. We did not discourged specially Brasilian sister and the sisters of Sri-Lankans. For the news of snow, meanwhile we can add our happiness,smile and our likeness to our fraternity.



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