way of the Cross in Jerusalem

quaresima betlemmeIt was an extraordinary spiritual grace of this day,19 march where the way of the Cross took place along the via dolorosa in the old city of Jerusalem, animated by the young group from Bethlehem parish and other youth groups and pilgrims. We give thanks to God for the faith of thousands of young people, for an awakening of awareness of their own Christian identity witnessing to Christ following his steps in praying and walking the same route of passion for a holy Easter.

Syria: Statement of the Custody

siriaThe Custody of the Holy Land confirms that fr. Hanna JALLOUF OFM, of the Custody of the Holy Land, parish priest at Knayeh (Qunayeh), Syria, on the night of October 5th, was taken by some brigades linked to Jahbat Al-Nusra. Along with fr. Hanna, several men of the Christian village were also taken.
The Franciscan nuns who were in the convent have taken refuge in some houses of the village.
We are not able to say where father Hanna and his parishioners are now and, at this time, we have no possibility of contact with him or his captors.
Let us pray for him and for the other victims of this tragic and senseless war.

One day for the Consecrated Life

This year also the Union of the Religious of the Holy Land of Jerusalem, Judea and Episcopal Commission for the religious have organized one day get together for the " Consecrated Life" that will be dedicated in 2015. There were more than 100 Religious and 10 Priest. The selected places by the Commission were Magdala and Thybey. At Magdala we visited the new archeology site that brough back  the first Synagogue. At 12.30 we had the Holy Mass in the Church that is dedicated to all the weman of the Hospel, near the River of Teberiah. At 5.00 pm we reached to Thybey in the time of Jesus it was called as "Efraim". There we were welcomed by the Orthodox Fathers and we visited some places.Only in this village of the Holy Land are living 100% cristion. At the end we visited the "House of the Parable",so we finish our journey.

Prayer for the martyrs

In the evening 3rt April at 8.30 pm the diocese of Jerusalem has organized the Holy Hour for the Missionary Martyrs of 2013 in the Church of Gethsemany. 
There were presenti many Priest, Religious and faithful came from different part of the Holy Land. 
We had a great occasion to participate to this solemn moment of prayers. 

Guardian of the Holy Land

The Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor, including Michael Perry, announced that, after having obtained the approval of the Apostolic See, the General Definitional elected Guardian of the Holy Land for the next three years between Pizzaballa OFM.
Sincerely hope a fruitful term of office for the good of the Church and of our brothers and sisters who live and visit the places entrusted to the care of the Custody.
At this time, a special thought to Syria still the scene of violence.

World day of Consecrated life

At the next world day of consecrated life will held on 2nd February 2012 at 3.30 pm His Ecc. Arc. Antonio Franco, apostolic delegate. The Holy Mass will be preside in the house oh the Sister of Rosary, 14 rehov Agron, in Jerusalem. They have invited to every members of religious communities, lay people and consecrated to celebrate the gift of consecrated life together.


Jerusalem on 22nd to 29 january 2012 will be the week of prayer for union of christians.The theme is We will be transformed to the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ (cf. 1Cor 15, 51-58).

This is the programme of the week:

Jan 21  Anastasis (Holy Sepulchre), Calvary             5.30 p.m.

Greek Orthodox Office of « Apodeipnon » (Compline)

Jan 22  Anglican Cathedral of St George                  5.00 p.m.

Nablus Road

Jan 23  Armenian Cathedral of St James                   5.00 p.m.

Old City, Armenian Quarter

Jan 24  Lutheran Church of Redeemer                      5.00 p.m.

Old City, near Holy Sepulchre

Jan 25  Church of the Latin Patriarchate                   5.00 p.m.

Old City, from Jaffa Gate

Jan 26  Upper Room, Cenacle                                  4.00 p.m.

Mount Zion

Jan 27  Ethiopian Orthodox Church                          5.00 p.m.

West Jerusalem, off Profhets’ Street

Jan 28  Church St Antonio,Coptic Orthodox               5.00 p.m.

Old City, near Holy Sepulchre

Jan 29 Annunciation of Greek Catholic Church               5.00 p.m.

Old City, near Jaffa Gate

15 th Sunday of January, at 3.00 p.m. Fr. Frans Bowen, w.f., will give a conference about L’actualite oecuménique en 2011 (in france) at the Monastery of Emmanuele (Bethlehem, phone n.: 2744380)

Crib in St. Cathrin Bethlehem

The evocative crib which was made in the Basilic of St. Catrin at Bethlehem. Near the ral grotto of the nativity, the representation is always the goal of the visit of pilgrimeyes to coma from the whole world


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