Knowledge of self and other in fraternal life.

It was so named after the formation meeting for the sisters with less than 10 years of perpetual profession, which was held from June 9 to 11 in our house of Maadi - Cairo.Guided us in these days the professor Maher Kamel, with the presence of Sr. LetiziaNagib Delegate of the Mother General in Egypt.
The theme was developed in three fundamental pointsThe first day we studied the subject of the image of self and the importance of his knowledge in the way of community life.The second day we broached the subject of the diversity of individuals and the psychological needs.On the last day, Prof. Maher told us about the confidence in ourselves and in others, consistent with the offer of forgiveness thus breaking the cycle of revenge.We want to thank the Lord for this experience that has given us new lights to know and accept ourselves and others.Our gratitude also to Professor Maher for everything he has given us of human wealth and even spiritual.

Formation corse of Esna

In the day 29 january in our community of Esna we had a meeting for a training course directed  by Don Andruos Farag with us present Sr. Salvatorica. The theme was "the ethics of sufficiency" it is the course makes us reflect on the challenges of the world which today we ask the front, on the risk that we are going. So our theme is intended to lead to what which to make use of are the values in our lives not to make use of the superfluous, but it must always choose the necessary sufficient.


On july 4, in the community of Mansafis more 50 youths includes 16 – 30 years they participated to one day for human promotion guided by two teachers, specialists in the field. A good sign of continuation and appreciation for the work had been made through laboratory of cutting and dressmaking in which approach youth persons who had not possibility to frequent the scholastic activities with the young christian people of the Parish.


In Saint George Parish, to Mansafis, with christian people of this village, we have celebrate the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, july 1. Two young sisters of the community renewed their vows and the people made a joyfully party.


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